About Abbey Veterinary Services


EM Dermatophytosis Papillomavirus Lymphoma

Abbey Veterinary Services began in 1985 as the first specialist diagnostic histopathology laboratory in the UK. Since then we have expanded to provide diagnostic veterinary histopathology services to veterinary practitioners and universities throughout Britain, Europe, parts of the Middle East and Hong Kong. The team has grown to include 7 experienced, qualified veterinary pathologists and this is one of the largest teams of veterinary pathologists in Europe.

All of the pathologists have been in practice and this enables a practical, clinically relevant approach to diagnostic histopathology. All of the pathologists have additional qualifications in veterinary pathology or are currently training for additional qualifications. The majority of the samples are reported within 24 hours but the quality of the interpretation is not compromised by the speed of turnaround.

Our interest does not stop at the point of diagnosis and we are continually involved in research in veterinary medicine. We have contributed to numerous publications based upon both the samples that our clients send us and also in collaboration with other veterinary centres and universities.

Our aim is to always offer a friendly and helpful service primarily to veterinary practitioners. Our database enables us to retrieve information about previous biopsies and to store data such as the original submission details and associated bacteriology and other clinical information.