Clinical Pathology Services (NEW)

Subsequent to the introduction of our Microbiology service, which has received a great deal of positive feedback from practitioners, and our long-established histopathology and cytology Service, we now offer a full Clinical Pathology Service.

Our philosophy continues to be: To ensure our clients are provided with accurate, meaningful results that are both Quality Controlled and Quality Assured; to have a greatly simplified, cost-effective, price list; to ensure our clients are offered the most comprehensive range of testing available, often without the need to request (or pay for!) additional ‘add-on’ tests; and, above all, to be seen as ‘part of the diagnostic’ team, by being available to discuss the more difficult cases with you, should the need arise.

We also provide free consumables and mailing supplies (various different types of tube for blood, plasma and serum), sterile bottles for urinalysis, faecal analysis, culture broths (for joint fluid, blood) etc. See our website for details and on-line ordering of these supplies/consumables. You can use our online consumables ordering service is you are a registed client.

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Our ‘routine’ haematology includes a complete blood count with manual film examination for all cases. This ‘full blood count’ can be added on to our ‘full chemistry profile’ at a reduced charge. Additionally, as a reticulocyte count is included at no additional charge for all cases where there is an apparent anaemia, the testing becomes even more cost-effective. We also offer the following frequently requested tests: Clotting times (for intrinsic and external pathways); D-dimers (as an indicator of DIC, etc); Blood Grouping and crossmatching; etc. Please call the laboratory if you have any specific requirements or questions about our haematology service.


Instead of having many different types of screen and profile, we instead offer a single ‘full chemistry’ profile, which includes 23 different anlaytes. In so doing, we believe our clients are provided with an optimal, comprehensive service, at a cost-effective price, to aid you in diagnosis. A full haemogram and blood film examination can be added to the chemistry panel at reduced cost. In addition we offer diabetic monitoring, bile acid stimulation testing, phenobarbitone/bromine monitoring, and the full range of clinical chemistry that you might expect, including, although not limited to, protein electrophoresis, urine chemistry, pancreatic lipase, etc. Please call the laboratory if you have any specific requirements or questions about our clinical chemistry service.


We offer the following tests as part of our Microbiology Service: FIV, FeLV, FeCoV, viral isolation (e.g. of herpes and calici viruses), Chlamydophila felis PCR testing, Sarcoptes IgG antibody testing, Toxoplasma IgG and IgM, Neospora antibodies, ANA etc. Please call the laboratory if you have any specific questions, or requirements, about this service.


A full endocrinology service is available to our clients, as are the protocols for performing tests such as ACTH Stimulation, Dexamethasone Suppression, etc. Please call the laboratory for details, or refer to our price list which is available upon request. Please visit our clinical resources section for information regarding our protocol requirements.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific testing requirements further, or to request our comprehensive, cost-effective price list.