Services available (From 1st October 2009)

Our prices are now only available on application (POA). Please contact us: for a price list


We do not charge extra for multiple pieces of tissue as long as they are from the same animal. n.b. Bones require decalcification, which softens bone so it can be cut by our microtomes. This may take a couple of days or up to a week, depending on the sample.

Post Mortems

We are happy to receive tissues from small animals which have been necropsied i.e. kittens, puppies, small mammals, birds, fish and reptiles. Unfortunately we are not able to accept whole animals for post mortem (except when small exotics are unable to be necropsied and sent whole in formalin).

Skin Packages

Histology alone
Histology plus skin scrape
Histology, skin scrape and fungal culture
Histology, skin scrape, bacteriological culture*
Histology, scrape, fungal and bacteriological culture*
Fungal culture alone*

*Culture is for one site. Multiple swabs can occasionally be pooled but additional sites will incur additional charges.


Fine Needle Aspirate & Washes
Fluid Analysis Cytology, total protein + SG
Bone marrow smear (please phone first)
Synovial fluid – cytology


Culture & direct sensitivity testing (see Microbiology Services)
Dipstick analysis
Calculus analysis


There is NO extra charge for more than one tissue per case, for special stains or telephoned, faxed reports or email.

Duplicate slides are supplied free of charge if requested.

Postage paid address labels, submission forms, submission pots (no including formalin) and postage envelopes supplied.

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